CD-Aviation International is a full-service aviation and airport consulting company.
We provide facilities and operations planning, environmental planning, and financial planning services to airport owners and operators, airlines, investors, lenders and aviation authorities agencies.
Our technical consulting and project management services encompass airport facilities planning, airport master planning, environmental planning, feasibility studies, other financial analyses, airfield and airspace analyses, and airport development programs, either on a project basis or as part of on-call consulting services.
What distinguishes CD-Aviation International in aviation planning is our focus on the aviation industry, our responsive approach to delivery of services, and our commitment to supporting our clients from preliminary planning through project design, civil aviation authority processing, financing, and project construction.
We provide services relating to airfields, passenger terminals, general flight infrastructure, cargo transport infrastructure and aircraft maintenance, recycling facilities, operating facilities and other non-aviation facilities, as well as to access traffic and parking.


We assists airport owners and operators in developing strategic plans that help improve efficiency, customer service, and the bottom line.


In collaboration with international technology companies, architects, and engineers, CD-Aviation International provides comprehensive know-how from a single source, from scoping of infrastructure through to operation.


CD-AVIATION INTERNATIONAL provides airport financial consulting services, from project feasibility to regulatory and funding advisory to financial planning and alternative project delivery.


Other Aviation Services