CD-AVIATION INTERNATIONAL provides airport financial consulting services, from project feasibility to regulatory and funding advisory to financial planning and alternative project delivery.
In today’s market, airport operators and owners need to have a detailed business plan in order to remain competitive while they build, expand or modernize their infrastructure. Available resources typically lag airport funding needs, making financial planning and strategy vital.
We assist airport operators and owners during the entire financial process, with preliminary financial capacity analysis, then full feasibility analysis, and finally assistance securing project funds.

Our Financial Planning include:

  • Financial feasibility studies

  • Bonding/financing capacity

  • Rates and charges

  • Traffic forecasting

  • Airline/tenant agreements

  • Revenue development

  • Economic impact assessment

  • Benefit-cost analysis

  • Grant assistance

  • Due diligence advisory

  • Innovative funding analysis & assistance

Retail & Commercial Developments

We have unique experience in advising clients on solutions that include all transportation modes. We offer international expertise in Aviation projects, which link airport development to a larger regional economic growth strategy and improve the supply chain’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Urbanization developments

In today’s market, airports are one component of a transportation network that must include roads, public transport, and other facilities in order to enhance mobility and to grow and sustain the regional economy. Often these transportation components are lacking an interconnected vision.Our team provides urban, retail and commercial understandings to optimize non-aeronautical revenue performance.