We assisting airlines and investors with all aspects of aircraft acquisition and Remarketing.


Selecting and negotiating the right aircraft asset is an important function for many airlines and investors.
CD AVIATION INTERNATIONAL LLC through their wide airline and investor network, is in an excellent position to assist in choosing and securing the most appropriate aircraft, either on lease or to buy.

Aircraft Market Analysis

  • Insight on industry trends

    • Commercial aircraft acquisition cost and residual values

      • Sourcing aircraft, both new and used

Contract Negotiation

  • Preparation for purchase negotiation

  • Commercial contract negotiation support

  • Aircraft & Engine purchasing and maintenance support



In order to understand current and future fleet opportunities and requirements CD AVIATION INTERNATIONAL LLC is in continuous communication with major airlines and aircraft investors.

This allows us to actively target lease and sale placement opportunities for excess equipment.

Asset Disposal

  • Aircraft lease returns

  • Aircraft & Engine sale support

Leased Asset Management

  • Surveys of leased aircraft

  • Audits of maintenance documentation