FlyDesign or:

How a bird becomes a fish

Flying is meant to be fun. But who actually enjoys getting into a means of transportation that is about as interesting as an aluminum tube? That is the reason why more and more airlines are rethinking the exteriors, i.e., attracting attention through elegant, contemporary colors, interesting designs, and surprising motifs. Such that a bird sometimes becomes a fish, or an oversized comic figure features in the livery.

You will find a selection of the most attractive motifs here. We aim to continue the attractive design of aircraft, at least in the case of those for which we act as intermediate. Why not contact our special FlyDesign department? We would be delighted to design your aircraft. In our 220,000 m² paint shop we act as intermediary and handle (almost) anything, that takes to the air, or is intended to do so.

Designing and making aircraft is one thing. As professionally as the constructors go about their work, their results – high-tech, complex structures – have to be marketed just as professionally. To this end what is needed is not only a strong team, but also strategically trained partners and reputable brokers.

We aim to be both. And have the heart for it.

FlyDesign - Beispielhaftes Design für Ihr Flugzeug
FlyDesign - Spaghetti
FlyDesign - Cigar